Plaster - Enigmat // New Ep Released on 11/March/2022 by Textura. 

Enigmat is the new Ep by Plaster which sees the awaited collaboration between Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and former member Giuseppe Carlini. Plaster reunited as duo, unleash their incredible quality on building a continuing evolving track with it's variations, in fact the Ep contains 3 different versions of the same matrix. 

Does this release marks the return of Giuseppe to the project? Nobody knows, it's jus an "Enigmat". 

The incomings available for the first month of this release, will support the Ukrainian Red Cross. 

Launching today Textvra, a common platform to release the music of Plaster, Kaeba, Clouds After Rain and associated projects. The first output is by Kaeba, ENJOY!


TEXTVRA. A new Platform to release music from Plaster, Kaeba and Clouds After Rain is on it's way. 

(More infos will follow shortly)

Blends, new collaboration album, to be released the 15th of March by Eklero Records.

Pulse - Live Album

New Live Album released on 18/09/2020


released September 2, 2020 

#Hash_01 is part of a Series of single tracks that i'm planning to release from time to time. Hot driven drums and punchy synthesizers with a sampled voice that recreate a sense of bewilderment. 
The cover is essentially a paint of my mother which in my opinion reflect the nature of the track.
Music by Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri
Voice by Valeria Svizzeri
Cover by Carla Villani