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Plaster is an electronic music project founded in 2008 by Giuseppe Carlini and Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri with the intention to blend their solo projects, Agan and Kaeba.

They started to play in most of the experimental festivals in Rome and since the beginning the sound was clearly dark and solid with a direction of mixing Ambient Music, deep beats and sharp sounds.

In 2011 they started their collaboration with the Ukrainian label Kvitnu, which have released their early works and which led them to find a wider audience in Europe and not only, in fact in 2012 they begin to release music with labels like Stroboscopic Artefacts and Touchin'Bass bringing Plaster's sound to a more Techno direction while preserving their experimental approach.
This vast exposure led the duo to play in important festivals and clubs all over the world and concurrently to enlarge their music to Dance Shows, 3D Structural Mappings, Video Games and Short Films.

In 2014 Giuseppe decided to leave the project for a personal break, therefore Mainframe, released by Kvitnu on 2015, is the first album which see Gianclaudio as the sole member of Plaster.

Stroboscopic Artefacts
Touchin' Bass
Crazy Language

Music Collaborations:
Zavoloka - Dadub - Frank Bretschneider - Sturqen - Datacrashrobot - Dromoscope - Rec_Overflow - Atmogat - Ten and Tracer - Substance (Dj Pete)

Visuals Collaborations:
Lasal - David Terranova - Emanuele Foti - Franz Rosati - K_Sixsix - Alessandro Falchi - Artem Tarkhanov - Laszlo Zsolt Bordos

Choreography Collaboration:
Marianna Giorgi 

Designer Collaborations:
Fabio Perletta - Fabrizio Garramone - Paolo Cignini